BKK and your business

Everything we do for our customers is made-to-measure. Whether it’s the development of a new office building or the renovation, rebuilding or remodelling of an existing building, BKK translates the customer’s wishes and requirements into added value, together with practical, high-quality, sustainable solutions.

As a lean, flexible organization, BKK works quickly and decisively, always reflecting the customer’s wishes, because our customers expect many years of pleasure from the buildings that house their businesses. The building must match the customer’s way of working. It must allow for expansion of the business and it must provide a pleasant, productive environment for the people who work in it.

BKK develops property independently, advises customers on a project basis and/or manages the execution of a project. If required, we can provide these services right from the initial planning phase through to management and asset management. BKK operates both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Would you like to talk about your business premises or re-location? We look forward to hearing from you.