Project management / advise: Nuon Energy BV

Alkmaar - NUON Energy BV

NUON Energy was looking for a new accommodation for its call-centre activities in Alkmaar. For their housing at the Ampérestraat, BKK made the changes, reconstruction and adaptations for division, climate and interior. The building (3500m2) delivers over 360 workspaces and has a new company restaurant and high quality climate control system. The building has been transformed into a very efficient and modern workplace. Staff experience the building as a very pleasant and productive accommodation.

Project management / advise: Rotterdam Botlek

Nieuwesluisweg 110

Customer: Mourik Groot Ammers

Construction company Mourik has commissioned BKK to investigate extending the Mourik Services complex at Rotterdam Botlek.

The project involves:

Extending the Mourik Services office building by adding a fifth floor with an area of approx. 700 m2 for Mourik International BV and Mourik Bouw BV.

Creating a new office area (approx. 300 m2) for the engineering department.

Expanding and remodelling the workshop (approx. 900 m2).

Renovating and extending the current uninsulated storage area (approx. 1000 m2) to create an insulated storage facility of about 2000 m2 and a height of 7 m.

This project is complex in a number of respects, not least because building work must not interrupt current operations. Coordination, planning and phasing of the work are crucial.